Processing activities and works


The "Ordinance regulating construction works and activities of the City of Valencia" is aimed at regulating works and other urban developments and the implementation of activities subject to licensing, responsible reporting and prior communication. Then from rehabi-LI-TAR is a summary of clarification of the actions envisaged in this ordinance title, for more information you can access it directly from the link provided at the beginning of the paragraph:


1 Acts subject to prior notification

The actions subject to it, shall comply: Will not cause structural performance It will not affect the building facade They did not engage in listed buildings Inside the house: KITCHEN: Replacing coatings; replacement of furniture that requires work; plumbing; electrical installation. Bathrooms and toilets: Replacing coatings; requiring replacement of sanitary work; plumbing; electrical installation. OTHER HOUSING: Spalling; plasters and paints; replacement of pavements without overlapping or increase in costs; interior woodwork; fake roofs. In hallways and stairs Community: Replacing pavements. Alicatados Maintenance of existing facilities

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Joaquim Iborra Posadas