Interior design and renovation of houses in historic buildings


Planning and phases of intervention

Our company has extensive experience in building restoration. We believe that an intervention in an existing building requires planning stages to follow, in summary, are:

► A detailed study of the current state of the property, with special attention to the condition of the structure, decks and facilities.

► Planning technical and economic intervention on the common elements of the building and on the inside of the house.

► Study program needs.

► Writing Project, with detailed definition of materials and finishes and economic assessment adapted to the market.

► Execution of works and / or qualified coaching.



The adjustment and reform inside a house in historic buildings requires the application of rigorous criteria. We, from our own experience, the following apply:

► Adaptation to the characteristics of each building, differentiating and evaluating their own qualities, which are still in full force.

► Distinction and contrast features compared to existing elements of the building.

► Use of


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Joaquim Iborra Posadas