The Department of Housing will provide support for the completion of the evaluation report of buildings (IEEV.CV)


The Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Planning Structuring year 2019 calls for aid for the completion of the evaluation report of buildings. This report is required for buildings more than 50 years or to request other assistance such as rehabilitation. In we specialize in such procedures so if you want to manage the funding and implementation of the report are performed with total professionalism, it is best entrusted to a company like



Law 3/2004 of 30 June, the Government, regulating and promoting the quality of the building (LOFCE) and its predecessor state, the Law 38/1999 of 5 November, in management of building (LOE), insist not only on the economic importance of the construction sector, but also in its cultural component of the landscape and architectural heritage as well as its social component as habitat human activities and care as basic right to housing. Moreover, regarding the building process, the agents responsible and the characteristics of the building, it affects quality issues, and to ensure the basic requirements of functionality, safety and habitability incorporated as such in reducing the environmental impact and sustainability. Among the aspects of habitability, namely those related to the welfare of people, noise protection, thermal insulation or accessibility for people with reduced mobility, all within a framework of responsibility on the conservation of buildings that properly attend to


Conditions for granting aid.

The procedure for granting these subsidies will be competitive. May be part of the aid beneficiary communities of owners, groups of homeowners or building owners only predominantly residential character, which had registered the IEE after 1 June 2018, according to the model established by the Directorate General of Housing, Urban Regeneration and Rehabilitation.


Deadline for submission of applications and forms.

El termini per a la presentació de la sol·licitud s'iniciarà a partir de l'endemà de la publicació de la present resolució de convocatòria en el Diari Oficial de la Generalitat Valenciana i finalitzarà el dia 30 d'abril de 2019, inclusivament. L'incompliment del termini de sol·licitud determinarà automàticament l'exclusió de la convocatòria. La presentació i procediment de tramitació serà telemàtic i es realitzarà segons s'estableix en la base quarta de l'Ordre 2/2018, de 12 de març, de la Conselleria d'Habitatge, Obres Públiques i Vertebració del Territori, per la qual s'aproven les bases reguladores de les ajudes per a la realització de l'Informe d'Avaluació d'Edificis.


Amount of grants and criteria for scaling

1. Amount of aid: aid will be granted a maximum of 20 euros for each of the homes stating that the building, and 20 euros for every 100 square meters of floor space to local, but in no case can exceed the amount of 500 euros for the building, or 50 100 cost of the report.

2. scaling criteria:

a) Number of homes in the building:

If the building has 20 flats or more: 3 points

If the building is less than 20 houses: one point.

b) Depending on construction quality as cadastral predominant category of the building:

-In houses with cadastral category constructive 7, 8, 9 or 10 points.

-In homes constructive cadastral category 6: 8 points.

-In homes constructive cadastral category 5: 5 points.

-In homes constructive cadastral category 4: 3 points.

-In homes constructive cadastral category 1, 2, or 3: 1 point.


Term of decision aids, notification and resources.

The deadline to solve and publish the resolution of the aid is six months as from the publication of this resolution call. After this period it has been issued and published without express decision, applicants can understand his application rejected by administrative silence.

The decision aid will be notified by publication in the Official Journal of the Generalitat Valenciana. The publication cited replace individual notification of the resolution, in accordance with the provisions of Law 39/2015 of 1 October, the common administrative procedure public administration.

Against the decision aid, which will put an end to the proceedings, may be lodged appeal for reversal within one month from the day following the publication of this, according to the provisions of Articles 123 124 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, the common administrative procedure public administration, or may be filed directly administrative appeal before the administrative Disputes Chamber of the Court of Justice of Valencia, within two months from the day following the publication of this, pursuant to the provisions of articles 10.1.a and 46.1 of Law 29/1998, of 13 July, governing administrative jurisdiction .

RESOLUTION of 6 February 2019, the Ministry of Housing, Public Works and structuring of the territory, which convened for the 2019 financial aid for the completion of the evaluation report of buildings



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