The ECCE as associates Administration


The following article will address one of the most important innovations proposed by Law 1/2019, of 5 February, the Government, amending Law 5/2014 of 25 July, regional planning, urban planning and landscape Valencia among other things that affect the processing of planning permission.



If we go to the articles of the Law 1/2019, we find that the rule 147 that modifies the Law 5/2014, of July 25 adds a new additional provision, which is the "Ninth additional provision. Collaborating organizations of the administration. " In this arrangement, it says:

"1. The municipalities may exercise their functions in planning matters referred to in this provision through associates Administration (...) in accordance with Law 38/1999, regulating the building. "

If we continue reading in the development of the provision, which are partner organizations of the Administration may exercise the functions that until now was only the Administration. These entities are included in the General Register of the CTE. Section 5-2: General Register of Entities of Quality Control Edificación or its acronym ECCE.

This register has its origin in Article 14 of Law 38/1999 of 5 November, Planning Building. On the first point says:

"These organizations quality control of building those qualified to provide technical assistance in the verification of the quality of the project, the materials and the execution of the work and its facilities under the project and the applicable regulations. "

In the following links you can check the registration specified in the registry:

Informació de l'Empresa amb codi VAL-E-042, alta 02/12/2016

Statement as Quality Control Institution Building


Functions Collaborating Administration

As said Law 1/2019 of 5 February, the Government, amending Law 5/2014 of 25 July, planning, competition will henceforth entities col Employee Administration (ECCE) who wish the council:

a) Verify the integrity of documentary requirements, adequacy and suitability of projects and documents relating to the license or declaration, required by the applicable regulations.

b) Prove that the technical documentation projects and the forecasts and the applicable regulations.

c) To investigate the adequacy of the licensed works during the process of implementing them.

d) To report technical compliance of works executed for the purpose of the declaration or first occupation license.



With this arrangement councils can relieve the enormous workload and have to reduce the waiting time for licensing, since it is the partner of the Administration can verify and prove that projects and technical documentation comply with the law.

Therefore and as a partner of the government, we are at your disposal to handle any documents that the administration will request the processing of your licenses.

LAW 1/2019, of 5 February, the Government of modification of the Law 5/2014 of 25 July, of Ordenación del territorio, Urbanism and landscape of Valencia

Ley 38/1999 of 5 November, of Ordenación of the buildings.



Issue 1 (26/03/2019)

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